Posted on June 9, 2005

Flickr::Photo is good enough to go. Flickr::Person is also good enough to go. Flickr::Photoset is almost done. The underlying modules and classes are also OK for the first beta. Just a little bit more clean-up and I should be able to post it in a day or two. Thank goodness for that!

On a totally unrelated story, today something funny happened to me. For the first time I experienced something which made me laugh my head off: software update woke up, as usual, and noted that there was a new security update for panther (yes, I’m still using panther). Of course, being in the office with great connectivity I told it to install the update immediately. So a-fetching it went, until it got the update on the disk and started to do the actual installation. And then the “software update” program just died. It just bombed out! The software update program! It cracked me up! Now of course I have no idea whether the update actually got installed or not, but running the software update by hand tells me that there’s nothing new out there so it must be… Oh well, if we are going the Intel way we may as well start to act a bit more like Windows… :-)

So far I’ve been able to resist the temptation to go out and get myself a video camera to fool around with and make some stuff happen on iMovie and iDVD. Maybe I just need to borrow my parent’s camera for a few days and lug it around to make it forget about it once and for all. Then again maybe I’ll just get hooked but then I’ll now for sure I must get one. Oh well…

Oh and another tidbit: the batteries on the iPod do empty out! Just discovered that as I was leaving the office and the thing died on me. So no podcasts on the way home for me this time, just plain old radio. Which serves the important purpose of reminding me why I love my iPod so much while driving around!

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