The big weekend

Posted on June 11, 2005

Yesterday was a national holiday in Portugal and Monday will be a regional holiday in Lisbon, so this weekend is a whooping 4 day mini-vacation.

So yesterday I’ve spent most of the day working away on DVDLX. PHP really starts to suck after a certain level of complexity! I knew that already, but it is always bad when you have to go through it again. Still, I have no great choice in the matter at this point so it does no good to wallow in it…

Even busy as I was I caught a movie on TV, at dinner, and ended up watching it all the way through. The movie was Phone Booth (IMDB) and I’d never seen it before. What a great movie. Truly riveting!

So today it’s relaxing day and I’m going for a drive with Tuxa. Not sure where we’ll go, we’ll just get on the car, take out the map and decide.