Flickr-Tools is up on CPAN

Posted on June 16, 2005

Well, that’s just it, Flickr-Tools is up on CPAN and should be made available any time now.

I’ve decided that I just can’t sit on it any longer. It is far from complete but I’ve just looked at a big thread on the Flickr developer’s mailing list with the promising title of “Big changes to the Flickr API” and which I’m guessing has something to do with the authentication methods or somesuch.

So, given that I’m rather pressed for time as of late (contrary to what I’d expected, sigh…) I’ll just post it as-is, limited and all, and start work on version 0.02 ASAP.

As it is, it already allows people to get information on persons, photos and photosets and to manipulate high-level…ish objects with this info.

With the modules structure I’ve put in place it is really easy to add support for more core API methods so now it is mostly a question of filling it up with what’s missing.

Oh and I have to read the thread carefully to see how the authentication stuff will be handled (if that is what the thread is really about).

Getting this out the door is basically a way to get some testing for free on other platforms and to give anyone out there curious enough about this a chance to see my main design ideas for this distribution, so suggestions are always welcome. Help in the form of code is also greatly appreciated, but I’m not holding my breath… ;-)

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