New version of Flickr-Tools

Posted on June 17, 2005

Since I know I’ll be off-line and unable to do much development on the next few weeks, I’m trying to get as much features as I can in there right now, so even small enhancements like the ones I did today are going to be pushed out to CPAN as a new version.

Release early, release often, they say…

For version 0.02 I cleaned up some documentation bugs (yes, I do take some care with the documentation) and added a couple of methods which where no brainers to implement but I hadn’t had the time to put in there.

There is at least one other method which would be really useful (get the list of all the photosets a given photo belongs to) but I’m waiting to see if the good folks at the Flickr API developers team can give us that method so as not to force me to do a lot of API calls just for this one. I do hope they find the time, but with all the buzz surrounding the new auth specs proposal I’m not that confident they will. First things first, I guess…

Anyway, let’s see how much more I can do before going away on vacation at the end of next week.

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