And so it goes

Posted on June 6, 2005

This has been quite an interesting day…

First off I went for a swim at lunch break at the big pool (50m olympic-style).
Man it feels good to swim there. Glad to be in sufficient shape for it again. And I did get my 1000m time down by a few minutes in there, so not a bad run altogether.

Getting back to old, half-finished code is a pain! Even if I only left it for a few weeks. Anything unfinished will take me so long to get back into the swing of it again… Sheesh!

And Pedro (who was tracking the event) is rather hysterical about Apple’s announcement of leaving IBM and going with Intel in a year from now. But even in his state of agitation he still got the funniest part of it all. Oh the unfortunate things geeks say sometimes… :-)

And now gotta get home as my parents are coming by for dinner and my father is bringing the laptop and the DV camera for the first session of desktop video editing phun.