Christmas wrap-up

Posted on December 27, 2004

In english because I feel like it, no other particular reason at all… It should be in portuguese but there you have it.

So anyway, christmas has come and gone. The old book queue is considerable fatter, I’m finally going to have the pleasure of reading Michael Moorcock –more specifically, the Elric saga (a terrible flaw in my book culture, I know, I’m working on it).

Not many photos, I was too lazy for it and anyway I’m really not into the indoor-events-type of photography (nor do I have the right equipment) and Vasco and Tuxa did all the honors on that department so I was off the hook. I did, however, do a collection of photos of all the present wrappings we did since 1998 and I will put it up in a few days (after new-year’s) so that should be nice. This is relevant because we always wrap all of our presents ourselves and we always come up with something special every year so it has become a tradition waiting to see what we did with the presents every christmas.

And speaking of presents, this was a very unusual year in one respect: we did actually finish up with the shopping and wrapping well in advance of the 24th, which led us to a really stress-free christmas. The first one in many, many years. I still can’t believe it myself, how good that felt! :-)

Appart from that, it was nice to see all the families together (as usual), there where far too many presents being exchanged, there was far, far too much food being wolfed down and things went generally very well.

Now on to the next event –new year’s– which will be especially pleasant for me and Tuxa this year since we are going to spend it in London. Yay! If only for a few short days. Hiss!