Bits and Pieces

Posted on December 30, 2004

The last days have been kind of hectic.
On one side things at work have been really agitated, on the other people in my family are getting sick all around and I end up having to lend a few hands here and there on the spare time (which is quite dilapidated to begin with).

Still, tomorrow I fly to dear old London for a few days so things can only get better. Unless I fall sick during that time. Which is quite possible. But let’s cross that bridge when we come to it. Or lay on that sick-bed. Or whatever.

The Elric Saga is quite interesting, although it does show some signs of age. It surely doesn’t pack quite a punch nowadays –with all that’s been written in the mean time– as it must have when it was written, but I can see why people consider it “essential reading” and I tend to agree. Just make sure you read it early in your fantasy fiction forays or it will loose some of it’s sparkle.

Never assume the code works 100% of the time. When in doubt double check and above all look at the source. It is quite possible the thing you are trying to implement is already there, only hidden behind some undocumented option which is not mentioned anywhere. At all. Except in the code! Private joke, some people will get this, the others may safely ignore it.

Still haven’t had the time to deal with the x-mas pictures, neither this year’s nor past editions.

Still, the turtle moves.