All is well, strangely enough

Posted on February 20, 2005

No bruises, no strains and no broken limbs. What an unusual ski trip this was!

But that was not all that was unusual this year, we were caught on a severe storm and couldn’t leave the hotel other than on foot to go the slopes for 3 days. And on the first day even the slopes where closed.

But on the other two days they were partly open and after that the whole mountain was open for skiers again. I did end up buying and using snow-chains for my tires in order to get to the town, though.

Another first this year was the fact that Tuxa and me actually managed to get to Caldea this year. It is a very good idea to spend some time there, all the soreness from skiing hard leaves your body and if you like water as much as I do it is a very good time.

Apart from that, I was extra careful on the slopes this year (I always am, but this year I was really really careful) and it paid off since I haven’t got a single injury. Hurray!

The ski was good but limited since most of the time we were limited to a small number of slopes while the storm spent itself on the upper portions of the mountains. And we took a day off to rest in the mean-time.

All in all a good trip this year. Bruno and Paulo also seemed to like Andorra even if they were less than happy because they couldn’t actually sample the better slopes high in the mountains, so I’m not actually sure if they like it better than Sierra Nevada.

So today is a day for getting in gear again and preparing for the coming week. When we arrived yesterday I was very tired and slept 14 hours straight without even having diner and the upshot of it is that, without having planned it, I woke up in a great mood and with some important resolutions made up in my head. Somehow I got a great sense of perspective this night and got some priorities straight. It actually seems like the new year’s resolutions I’ve never cared to make. :-) Well, let’s see how it goes and if my resolve lasts. It would be good if it did last, since it would greatly improve my life and my morale.

And now off to wash those chains and put them away until next year.