Weekend wrap-up

Posted on February 27, 2005

Well, nothing extremely exciting happened this weekend, but I’ll make a quick recap nonetheless…

Started reading “The design of everyday things” and “designing with web standards” (can’t be bothered to find the links, but they should be easy enough to find on amazon.com). Like I’ve said before, I can’t do design to save my life, but I sure like it a lot. And the “designing with web standards” is more than a plain design book anyway… On the reading front I’m almost done with the “Elric saga” too, which is a good thing. Only “Quicksilver” seems to endure

Yesterday I let loose the help-desk guy in me and re-installed a Windows XP computer for a regular user. Always a good reminder of why I love *nixes and the like.

Also spent a large amount of time debugging and going over the latest changes requested for dvdlx.com. Changes never seems to stop coming, even on the end of the deadline, but that’s always the case anyway…

Friday afternoon I started to feel a bit off and thought my allergies where acting up. Turns out it is much more than that and after a weekend of pain it doesn’t seem to be much better. Let’s see how I wake up tomorrow and if I’m fit to get out and go to work.

Didn’t manage to find the time to install my new ADSL wireless router. Now that the hardware I’ve been dreaming of (kinda) ;-) fell into my lap I just leave it in it’s box until I can play around with it. Sheesh! Anyway, this is a Aolink ADSL2+ Wireless Router which promises to be the next best thing after sliced bread and I just can’t wait to plug it in and kill the dependency I have on my home network on the (extremely noisy) gateway PC.

That’s about it for now.

Oh yeah, I’ve been considering some rather big changes to the layout and design of nunonunes.org for some time and now with the kind of literature I’m reading and also with the plans for the upcoming hosting change (you’ll see, just hold on) it seems like the time is at hand for it. Hopefully cascais.pm will also get on it’s feet at the same time.