Off to the snow

Posted on February 11, 2005

And so it is that after a particular tough and frustrating couple of weeks I’m off to this year’s ski trip.

And not a moment too soon I say.

This year there are two friends coming along so I’ll have some company on the slopes.

The CDs have been burned, the relevant waypoints have been downloaded into the GPS, the bags are packed… It’s road-tripping time! One and a half days to get there, 5 days of skiing and another day and a half to get back.

I do wish I’d live nearer to ski-able country but you’ve got to go with what you’ve got.

This year I’ll really try and come back without anything bandaged or in a cast. I really will. Honest!

Oh and the plans for the 14th of February are coming along nicely. The reservations have been made for Caldea have been made and there’s just a few more details to take care of. Things are looking good.

Anyone in Andorra care to make me an offer I can’t refuse to stay there, by the way? ;-)

I don’t expect to have Internet access in the hotel there (I’ve never had it in the past) and I can’t be bothered to lug the laptop around into town just for that so I’ll talk to you all (yes, you and you) in a few days. Be good while I’m away now…