post-rock or "where have I been?"

Posted on July 19, 2007

Sometimes things just slip right by us for a while and then, suddenly, we open our eyes and there it is, a whole beautiful new world right under our noses.

This has happened to me, musically speaking, with the whole post-rock movement.

I’ve always loved music of a certain kind which I could not exactly describe. Bands like Mogwai, Saxon Shore or even Sigur Rós (well… OK I’m stretching the genre a bit here) have been on the top of my list of favorite bands quite some time now, but although I knew they had something in common and I liked that certain “something”, I didn’t know they had a common designation.

Well, now I do.
Just last week I was turned on to the whole post-rock scene by a friend and discovered right off the bat such great bands as God Is An Astronaut, 65daysofstatic or even the Red Sparowes, whom I haven’t heard yet but who come highly recommended and I’m quite sure I will like.

Of all the mostly instrumental-based musical genres I listen to, post-rock is probably the one that reaches deeper into me (apart from some classical pieces which are, of course, the ex-libris of soulful music).

And now back to our (i)regularly scheduled programme, which you can see here.

PS- Oh and I’ll definitely try not to be an idiot again and not to miss the upcoming God Is An Astronaut concert, which happens to be scheduled for a day with some significance for me. Life’s full of those little coincidences…