Diary 2007-07-16

Posted on July 16, 2007

Because I’m an idiot sometimes, I wasn’t able to make it to the Nouvelle Vague concert in Oeiras. When I finally got around to buying the ticket it was sold-out. I didn’t quite expect it to be that crowded so I just got lazy. A shame that, I’d really like to see them perform live.

Hey! last.fm has been serving me with songs from my Recommendations’ playlist and it just played “The End” by the Doors! God, I hadn’t heard that song in ages, it felt really good! It’s a shame that I have so many problems with last.fm’s streaming at my workplace. Since Pandora stopped streaming music to Portugal, this has been the best jukebox around by far…

In other news, after not having done any kind of exercise in a long, long time, yesterday morning I felt the imperative need to exhaust myself early in the morning and decided to go for a (very long) run along the coast of Guincho and on the beach itself (one of the advantages of living where I live now is that I’m at walking distance –albeit a long walk– from Guincho). All nice and good, except that I was on that fake “good form” you get when you haven’t done any serious exercise for a long time and didn’t feel any kind of warning regarding over-straining myself, so not only did I run half of the way under rain (which was just bad luck, of course), but I also over exerted myself and now I’m walking stranger than Donald Duck (or feeling like it anyway).