Finding music, mp3 blogs and the Contrast Podcast

Posted on April 20, 2006

I really like music.

In fact I spend the vast majority of my time listening to it. I’m lucky enough that I can listen to it at work most times and at home or in the car something’s always playing.

When at work (where I have great bandwidth and I’m usually seated at my desk for the whole day) I like to either listen to my Pandora “Radios” or, when I can spare a few brain cycles to do it, I follow my music blogs on my aggregator and read up on and listen to the songs that are posted by the various blog authors.

This process of listening to music from mp3 blogs is something that I find particularly enjoyable. Not only do I get some context or maybe even a story related to each song, but I also get to find out about some real gems which I would never in my life find out about otherwise.

My current mp3 blogroll is getting to be quite extensive and at this time I follow up on these blogs:

I particularly like the most cover-focused blogs, some covers and versions that are out there are simply sublime or outrageously funny.

Anyway a few days ago I had the pleasant surprise of finding out in one of the mp3 blogs that there was a new podcast around with a very intriguing theme.

The Contrast Podcast is a music podcast which has the following rules: each episode has a clearly defined theme; and the author invites other mp3 blog or podcast authors to submit a song each, along with a voice intro about it.
The result is a podcast where one can listen to lots of the types of songs that float around the mp3 blogs I follow and the stories and explanations about each song are also there by the voice of the authors themselves.

I’ve listened to the 3 episodes that are out there and I absolutely loved it. So I thought I just couldn’t let it slip by without a reference. Especially since a few people already asked me for the link (after I’ve evangelized them about it, of course).

Go listen to it. It’s good!