Posted on March 14, 2006

Where to begin?

Well, I suppose I can start with the iPod camera connected that I tried out today for the first time. The person who lent me the tiny device swears by it and I must say I’m fairly impressed.
It is slow as molasses of course (to borrow a phrase from Rui) due to my camera’s blazing fast (not!) USB 1 connector but it does get the job done (i.e., it stores the files pristine and doesn’t muck around with them).
The thing that would make it better for me would be to be able to read the JPEG which is embedded in my Canon-RAW files and display it the same way it does for JPEG photos, but that’s somewhat unnecessary for my purposes. I think it does it for the Canon EOS 20D photos but not for my 10D.
So when I get my own connector I’ll basically gain an external storage device (external to the camera, that is), which I always carry around with me anyway, with a fair amount of free space in it (my 60G iPod still has around 13G free). Good for those occasions when I go out and don’t want to take the laptop with me. Hey, it can happen!

Visio, Xfig, Open Office Draw and friends: byte my shinny metal err… OK, that’s the wrong phrase here but well… Some things just feel better done the old fashioned way and planning furniture arrangement for a new home is one of them.
Taking the ruler and drawing out everything, cutting the furniture prototypes out of yellow post-it paper… I stopped just short of drawing the main features of the room in china ink. It feels great to do something like this with something other than a mouse or a digitizer board.
Guess I’m just an old-geezer me…

On an unrelated note: Adobe Lightroom really, really rocks!

On an even more unrelated note: expect some action on the portuguese PERL arena anytime soon. Things are afoot which should be exciting for anyone interested in the community aspect of the language. Hum… Does this phrase sound weird to me only? Oh well…

See? What other title could I get this post? Well, I could think of something better, were I not half dead from a two-week spree of hard problems at work and tripping on a great big migraine.
So there!