Barcelona, Music, Weblogs...

Posted on April 22, 2006

Today I’m in Barcelona.
I’m here until next Wednesday celebrating my wedding anniversary. Well, when it comes to traveling we need little prompting and every little excuse does the trick.
So far the city appears to be everything I expected of it and even though we only had part of the afternoon and evening to wander around, we already got a good grip on it and we now have our bearings and a plan!
Oh and there’s free WiFi in the hotel room. On a three-star hotel! Being a strong tourism-oriented city does have it’s advantages…

On the flight over I had some time to mull over a few things I’ve had on my mind for a while, including the urge I’ve been feeling to get a bit more active regarding music.
Not writing or playing it, that is something I know will not happen during my (so called) “active life”, but the concepts of mp3 blogs, thematic podcasts and so on are really warming up to me.
In fact I’ve already thought of a good concept to get me into in and it was mainly this concept that I developed a bit more on the plane.
Maybe I’ll have something related to music on my site shortly. Or then again maybe not… I’m really undecided about this one. What I do know is that I do like to be regularly active on some level in my “cyber life”.
But the fact remains that even if I sometimes like to write, I can then go long periods of time without posting a thing.
And I like to make photographs most of the time (although these days I post it to flickr only, I haven’t gotten around to integrating my iSpy gallery into this blog as I wanted to do for a long time), but not all the time.
And video is something which I also like to do but which I don’t have the time or energy to do in any meaningful kind of way.
So I guess I should just collect it all (written text, photo, video, audio) into my weblog instead of breaking it up into different “sections” of the site (or, even worse, have it all scattered around the Internet), because that way I will always be kind of active on the same place instead of being really irregularly active on lots of different ones.

Changes they are a-coming, only very slowly, veeery slooowly (as usual).