The wiki

Posted on October 23, 2004

It lives!

There is a saying in Portugal (I’m guessing there is an equivalent saying for most languages but I just don’t know what the English version of it goes like) that says something about the perfect being an enemy of the good.

What it means is that sometimes you just have to go with what is good (… enough) and leave what is perfect for a later time.

This is what I’ve decided to do with the wiki on

It is not done, it is not really ready for the “big time” but it is there, I can (and do) put information in it and I can (and do) use it to retrieve it later. So it is a lot more useful to me if I have it linked in from the main navigation bar as it should be.

There are a lot of details to cover, there is need for a major design overhaul (… or is there…) and this will probably not be the wiki-platform that I will say I’m fully satisfied with, but it is there and it does the job. And it does it quite well actually.

So that’s it, I welcome the latest member of the site: the wiki! :-)

[Update: The wiki has, in the mean time, been de-activated.]