YAPC::Europe - day 1 - afternoon

Posted on July 23, 2003

Well, it turns out I was wrong and there is room for everyone in “Tricks of the Wizard” by M. J. Dominus. Kool!
Aparently we’re in for another trip in glob-land. And of course getting to see the wizzard with his wizzard hat (picture up later, sorry) is always worth seing… :-)

Coffee break update

So we did globs, skipped ties due to timming contraints and are now in the happy land of autoload which is a really fun place!
Kool thing to check out which I didn’t know about: great uses of the magic-goto (as opposed to the evil-goto everyone knows about).
I think this talk is available on MJD’s site http://perl.plover.com/

12 talks by MJD

The last talk was a of 12 lightning talks, namely:

  1. the coolest perl project I ever did: analizyng quilt patterns and impressing girls;
  2. on forking: avoiding unnecessary shell calls may not always be such a good idea;
  3. new versions: why must I release new versions of software which is good just to make it look alive?
  4. subclassing: on the difficulties of subclassing and what could be done about it;
  5. getting help from strangers: horror emails asking for help;
  6. how to progress: on getting smarter and a better programmer;
  7. np-complete problems: what they are, why they are important and how you can tackle some of them;
  8. why I hate strict: why do you use strict when you don’t know what it does and don’t need it?
  9. on fish: what is so wrong about helping people directly on IRC? Sometimes we can just give them the fish…
  10. why lisp will never win: how lisp people just spend their time talking about perl and in denial of lisp’s shortcommings
  11. on “strongly typed” languages: what this really means (or: it’s N meanings for N different people);
  12. a message to the aliens: the message sent from the arecibo space telescope to the aliens.