YAPC::Europe - day 2 - morning

Posted on July 24, 2003

And where back for another round!

Today I diversified:

  • Before the coffee break:
    • Szabo’s “Debugging Perl - using the available debuggers”: Light introduction to debugging in Perl, from simple print statements through the Data::Dumper, the perl internal debuger (perl -d - at some extent) and ptkdb;
    • Christoffel’s “Visualizing Data with Curses.pm and Tk::Text”: Again light introduction to using Curses and Tk::Text to display data in a more “human readable way”. Essencialy we where shown the basic functions and ways to put things on the screen where we want them;
    • Quelin’s “Polyglot Perl” - The same source file used by Perl, C, C++, Python, Befunge, Brainfuck, Ook and Javascript. And it actually works! :-)
  • Before Lunch:
    • Guttman’s “ Better Perl Code in 65 Minutes”: Man, I’ve heard all of this many, many times and I still think everyone (including me, of course) should get a lecture like this every 6 months or so… Essencially the dos and don’ts of programming, and also some things I didn’t know or have already long forgoten…
  • and on to
    • Stray Toaster’s “All I Need to know about Perl Programming I learned from Fairy Tales” - I wont writeup all the topics but it is true, it all came from fairy tales!