YAPC::Europe - Day 1

Posted on July 23, 2003

Well, first off I’m on a battery-chalenged laptop and don’t have power everywhere so updates will be sporadic but I’ll try and write up interesting points (for a given value of interesting - namely mine) whenever I can.

First talk of the day: M. J. Dominus’ “Iterators and Generators”.
This talk is very similar to one I attended about 2 years ago (update: actualy it was PerlWhirl 2000, so it was 3 years ago… gosh!) on PerlWhirl only somewhat updated.
The funny thing about it is that M.J.D. still uses the closure approach instead of turning to a full OO approach…
True, he does make it pretty clear that you can turn it into an OO program trivially and he even points to ways to do it but I guess the wizzard just can’t leave the cool stuff behind him! :-)

Later on he did get on to full OO examples.

Update: OK, the contents got different towards the end of the talk, it starts similar to the old one but then turns out quite diferent (and interesting, of course).
Can’t wait for the “Tricks of the Wizard” talk later this afternoon (assuming I’ll be able to get in, it has a limited number of seats…

URL to remember: http://perl.plover.com/book/