YAPC::Europe - Day 0

Posted on July 23, 2003

Arrived in Paris an about 19h00, found the geeks at the meeting point at around 21h00 and got to the pub for dinner.

Nice French food (I really kind of missed it, didn’t notice how much until today, though. I think I’ll eat only salads and cheese as long as I’m here!).

Got tired of the pub and went for a stroll and a coffee on a nice café, from which we got thrown out a little before 01h00.

Oh well, tomorrow the conference starts at 9h00 anyway…

Apparently there where some problems with the WiFi network they are going to have at the conference site but everything is expected to be up and running by tomorrow morning so hopefully I’ll get to blog this first thing in the morning.

The hotel doesn’t have any kind of network access in the rooms (wired or wireless) and the access they give you is just ridiculously expensive so this sucks a bit.

Update (OK, the WiFi network really works! :-D).