Tea, toast and "Pattern Recognition"

Posted on August 3, 2005

I spent last weekend in Algarve, at the beach, with my family and when we drove back, Sunday evening, Tuxa was tired and not feeling hungry at all (we eat way too much whenever we are with the full gang in Algarve) :-) and so she went straight to bed.

I, on the other hand, wasn’t all that tired and didn’t feel like going to bed on an empty stomach, so I decided to have a light supper.

Toast and some freshly boiled tea for the stomach and the newly started “Pattern Recognition” for the “little gray cells” (I wonder how many people will actually get this reference…)

This is the setting (and a perfect excuse) for some more experimenting with video editing in the videoblogging format. This time around I have fun with extreme cutting.

This was actually a 18+ minute shoot without interruptions and trimming it down to the 3 minute-something which it ended up with, while trying to make it interesting and somewhat funny was a really interesting task.

It was a fiercely windy night and you can hear it, especially towards the end of the video. I also decided not to add any music or sound effects at all and it shows the poor quality of the built-in mic. No surprises there, of course, but I still think it is rather passable.