Sick @ home

Posted on August 3, 2005

Today I was booted out of the office by my coworkers.

I have the flu and it was getting worse with the air-conditioning and not only was I starting to bother everyone around me with my sneezing but they where also afraid I’d spread the germs around, so they kicked me out and I went home in the middle of the afternoon.

The god news is that apparently it is just a simple case of flu. The bad news is that it is not getting all that better, so I’m in for a rough night and, possibly, a sick day telecommuting from home tomorrow (which is not all that bad since I have my iMac here).

In the mean time, while trying to delay going to bed (I can’t breathe all that well lying down when I’m like this) I’ve edited and posted another video.

I’ve decided to try out my DV camcorder as source to iChat this afternoon and it worked perfectly which is good news.

Also, after trying out Delicious Library with the camcorder acting as my barcode reader, I had no choice but to get the software. Now if I can only get a preference for setting the search order of the Amazon shops (it finds almost everything in the german shop and it gives me info in German which doesn’t do me any good) I’ll be a happy man indeed!