Diana Krall at the Coliseu de Lisboa

Posted on October 2, 2004

Friday night, as an appetizer for the weekend I went to see Diana Krall at the Coliseu de Lisboa.

I like Diana a lot, even though heavy jazz music is not my strongest point –I just don’t understand a lot of it. This concert was heavily jazzy so it wasn’t exactly one of my all-time favorites but still I had a great time and I quite liked to hear her sing and play live.

Even with a big cold she managed to sing exquisitely and she is very entertaining on stage. Not by doing crazy or flamboyant stuff, but by simply talking with the public in a simple, direct and friendly manner.

I did get the feeling she would be more at home (and I would probably enjoy it a whole lot more) on a small club with a lot less people watching but this was not bad at all!

A great start for the weekend, even if I had to get up today really early to go sailing.