Webcomic roll-call

Posted on December 13, 2004

Another de-stresser post.

So last night, while trying to grok Neverwinter connections again (in the slim hope that I will soon have a 20’ iMac and some free time to actually play Neverwinter Nights on-line) I came across a new(-ish) webcomic to add to my daily dose: Dire Destiny - a fantasy webcomic which, so far, is very much going the hack’n’slash way.

So the list of daily webcomics is now as follows:

  • Calvin and Hobbes - Reruns, sure, but a classic;
  • Dilbert - Sometimes more inspired, sometimes less but still a must;
  • Garfield - A good candidate to slide off the list sometime soon;
  • Snoopy - Oldies but goodies. Mostly;
  • User Friendly - Some plots are good, others are utterly brilliant;
  • Megatokyo - I love this stuff, but the lack of pace nearly kills it, which is a damn shame;
  • pVp - What can I say? Geek-gamer life as it truly is. You don’t get your gamer friend? Read this, you will!
  • Dire Destiny - The newcomer. A trip down memory lane to my role playing days. It shows great promise.

Not much is different from my roll-call, only Down-time was dropped due to it’s sloooooooow pace. Let’s see how the list checks out in the future.