Daily dose of on-line fun

Posted on January 27, 2004

There has been a recent addition to my daily dose of fun on the net when, quite by chance, I’ve found out about the Down-time Manga.
So far it shows great promise, even if the story is still somewhat incipient and the story-line doesn’t seem very well defined, but then this maybe because I’m just not used to the characters and the story universe.
The drawing style is not one of my favourites but the story potential more than makes up for it so let’s wait and see where it goes from here.

Ever since Megatokyo started going downhill in terms of story development and especially the cadence with which new episodes come by I haven’t found anything new really worth seeing but maybe down-time will turn out to be a good replacement.
Don’t get me wrong, I love Megatokyo! It’s been brilliant from the beginning and it is probably one of the most satisfying stories I’ve ever followed on-line but nowadays we get more and more interludes and less and less story. I know the guy is just so busy with the dead-treeware edition and promotion of the manga itself that something has to give. Unfortunately for us what gave in was the development of the story itself.
An unfortunate side-effect of this is that the story doesn’t have the same feeling it had in the beginning. It should be a fast-paced, action-full almost manic chain of events on one level and (probably) a really weird love story on another but when you get one episode every once in a while the feeling of continuity just isn’t there and you have to go back just to remember what the hell happened last.
This is not a complaint, it is just a statement. I’m really very sorry that the business side of it got in the way of a really great manga, but that is the way of it, everyone has to make a living, right? :)

Other than Megatokyo I usually follow some other comics/mangas I grew to like.
All of them have their ups and downs which leads to periods when some of them are really great to follow and other periods when there’s nothing really interesting happening at all in any given comic but with a big enough assortment you usually have at least one or two good stories going on at any given time which is a good thing!
But then again none of the others even gets close to Megatokyo. If only it would once again pick up it’s pace… Maybe when the second book craze dyes down a bit (it just got released) we’ll get lucky… Maybe.

Anyway, this is my current list of daily fun:
Calvin and Hobbes
User Friendly