Return to the real life

Posted on February 7, 2006

Just came back from the ski trip to Andorra last Sunday to an interesting start of a week.

  • First off no one got hurt in the snow. I didn’t sprain, break or otherwise incapacitate any part of my body while skiing. This is the second year in a row so I’m starting to think the ski-jinx may have passed. Huzza!
    I have very few pictures to deal with and a little video footage which is already half edited so that shouldn’t take too long to get through either;

  • I started to make an effort in order to normalize my working hours (given the impending change of corporate entity I work for to one which is notoriously anal-retentive about these things) and I must say that the change is surprisingly welcome. We’ll see just how easily (or how hard) old habits die…

  • Found out about goPod and set my iPod free. At last I can hear my music above the noisy background of my workplace. At last I’m free to go deaf if I should so desire. The French government can very well sod off with their stupid restrictions being inflicted on the rest of Europe;

  • Appart from that, the much talked about takeover bid from Sonae over Portugal Telecom is turning into a great spectator sport from where I’m standing.

Good times, indeed!