The last tidbit of work on Flickr-Tools just before going away on vacation

Posted on January 27, 2006

After having pushed myself to work a bit harder on the Flickr-Tools project and trying to get a new version out before the end of January (which is shot, by the way), I finally have a preliminary version of the Flickr::Person::photos() method working! Urrah!

So you can now use this method and get back the first 100 photos of a particular person. After that first batch of 100 photos it just stops giving you new stuff and closes up shop but it is rather nice to have it this far along because now adding the rest of the necessary functionality is a breeze.

If for some reason you are totally unable to wait for the final release 0.3 and want to start playing around with it right now you can check it out on my darcs projects site.