Random things going through my mind right about now

Posted on July 31, 2005

Just got back from a weekend in Algarve with my family (who are there for their monthly vacation in the sun). The weather was not all bad, but the water was cold as ice, especially today. When I was down there in June it was a whole lot better. Go figure…

Anyway, as for my iBook’s saga, to make a long story short, friday it went to the shop to get repaired. It seems that it belongs to a series which is known to be prone to logic-board problems and in those cases the warranty is extended to 3 years. So now all I have to do is wait for the replacement logic-board to arrive.
Now for the fun part: they said this is usually a matter of 4-5 business days, but being this time of year I’d better be prepared to wait for maybe 4 weeks.
Anyone cares to bet how long it will take? I’m betting it wouldn’t take 4 weeks even in a regular working month, it would certainly take a whole lot more, so now it will surely be much more than that, but lets see.

For now I’ve setup my working environment based on a Fedora Core 4 installation. Oh, and as far as I can tell I was able to make a full backup of the iBook’s disk prior to formating it and taking it to the shop, so if it really went well I haven’t lost anything at all.

I don’t know what’s worst, knowing I’ll be without a Mac laptop for a few months or the disruption it caused me trying to revive it and finally giving up on it. Still, at least my fears that it might have been the OS going bonkers were not founded. This is a huge relief; Windows begone and take your foul behavior with you!

I know I had something interesting to say about the iPod and it’s ergonomics, but I seem to have forgotten what it was and since the draft of the post was on my iBook and is now on the backup I guess I’ll get to it later.

I’ve also started to read “Pattern Recognition”. So far it looks very interesting, but then I’ve only read through three chapters.

And while on the topic of reading, after a conversation I was having with Tuxa while we were driving home this afternoon I started to think about the books I haven’t been able to finish reading in my life. So far I only have two of those: “Quicksilver” and “Wuthering Heights”. While “Quicksilver” was set aside temporarily, I know I’ll finish it eventually and then start with “The Confusion” which I already have on my pile.
But “Wuthering Heights” is a different matter altogether. I just stopped reading it and set it aside a lot of years ago and never returned to it. This bothers me a bit so I’ve made up my mind that soon(ish) I’ll just have to take it up again and go through it. Nothing bothers me more than something incomplete, and as far as I remember the story wasn’t all that bad.