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Posted on July 27, 2005

Quick recap of the last few days.

Finished reading Ender’s Game. Amazing book, it gripped me in a way no sci-fi book has been able to do in years! I’m now contemplating buying the sequel –Speaker for the Dead– but I’m not sure about that. Ender’s Game was really very good with an incredible ending –it could do without the last couple of pages, but very good anyway– but I’m not sure about a sequel… If it is not as good as the first one I’ll be pretty sad about it…

Of course finishing the book took a lot of late evening time which I could not, then, devote to editing some more video. I have some footage I’d like to use on one or more videos, and I have to try out some of the advice people like Paulo are giving me, but I do need time for that. Reading until high hours of the night isn’t exactly helping, not at all!

Anyway, another major distraction seems to be under way, as my iBook is now acting up, first refusing to admit it has am airport card installed (which breaks my wi-fi connectivity), then refusing to admit it even has an ethernet cable connected to it when it does have it (which breaks my wired connectivity) and then deciding to stop recognizing the trackpad sometimes. Isn’t it nice? At least it still knows it has USB ports and I’m cloning the relevant parts of my disk to an external drive as I write this.
Poking around the logs the only thing I could see that was wrong was that it gave out an error message about not being able to load the network system’s kernel modules on startup. Then I always have an error during the login procedure (for every user) which means it couldn’t start up the NetInfo services. Then I noticed some of my settings where lost, such as the keyboard layout, of which one out of three layouts I had chosen where gone.
It may be the disk, it may be the controller, it may be the logic board… All I know at this time is that the hardware test app doesn’t find anything wrong with it at all. Typical…
So on the remote chance that it may just be a screwed-up filesystem, I’ll format the drive and reinstall everything from scratch, see if that helps. In a way it would be great that it did, but on another level it would be very bad that it did. This is a *nix system after all, things are not supposed to just go awry so bad that you have to format and reinstall. We have another group of OS for that.

Oh well, on with things…