Dead beat

Posted on June 1, 2006

That’s what I feel like today, dead beat.

After a week which has been particularly tiresome I get a day like this…

I got up really early in the morning to get to the airport and wait inside of a plane for almost an extra hour for the food to get on board, which was bad.

During the flight I got to finish up most of the editing I still needed to do on the new episode of the podcast, which was good.

Got to Paris and went straight to a meeting which lasted the rest of the day (even lunch was had in the meeting room), which was exhausting.

Left the meeting and went straight to the airport to wait for yet another extra hour to board the plane (never even knew why), which was infuriating.

During the flight back finished editing the podcast and drafted up the post for the blog, which was made out of sheer dedication and the strongest desire not to miss the (self-imposed) dead-line.

Got home and posted the new episode, which was nice.

Now to eat and get some sleep because tomorrow is friday and I’ll have to get up extra early (again) to beat the traffic to get to the office, which will surely be almost impossible.

Thank God it’s (almost) Friday! I don’t think I could stand much more of a week like this one