Spreading the disease / Mixed feelings

Posted on June 9, 2006

Yesterday when I was about to post the latest episode of the Undercover Songs podcast I had really mixed feelings about it. Was it too dark and brooding? Was it too creepy? Was it too strange? Was it OK?

In the end I decided to just post it and stop thinking too much about it.

Well, today I’ve been receiving feedback on it and no one tells me that they thought the show was “OK” or “good”. No, what people tell me is either that this is by far the best show I’ve ever produced or else that they don’t really know if they liked it because it left them feeling strange and unsettled.

So I guess I was right all along to post this episode, that was exactly the sort of feeling I got from those songs.

Now the question that comes to mind is: but is that a good thing?

Music does indeed rule!

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