Across the pond

Posted on October 18, 2005

Well, here I am, across the pond. You now the one, they call it the “Atlantic Ocean”?

Anyway, things are great here in NY. It’s been almost a year since I’ve been here last time and since it was in late November things look rather different.
For starters there are no christmas decorations around. Another thing is that there is no snow and the temperature is not even conducing to it.

Which leads to even more walking around. Which leads to really tired legs and feet. Which leads me to be writing this at a nice Barnes&Noble’s café (it’s a Starbucks actually) while Tuxa is out shopping at the Fifth. Nice arrangement if you ask me, I get to stay with the books and my iBook and Tuxa gets to do what every woman likes best! :-)

Not that she hasn’t had reasons to be happy on that department –her birthday is Wednesday and she got to pick out her present(s) earlier today. And some presents she chose: considering this is a rather special birthday she finally caved in and went for the diamond ring and (more or less) matching diamond earrings… This is so not her… But then it is a rather special occasion!

This time around I decided not to bring my camera (well, OK, I brought the point-and-shoot, but mainly for Tuxa’s benefit) and bring the camcorder instead. We spent yesterday walking around town looking for the street fairs and on Central Park and I got some footage which I think is OK, but since I had to re-install the iBook after all the trouble I’ve had with it and I never got to use iMovie after that I imported everything I had into it and then, since I had told it I wanted this movie to have a 16:9 aspect ratio, it started to happily letterbox everything, even if it was captured in native 16:9 format. So I had to forcefully abort the operation. Which aloud me to get the footage in it’s original shape. But all the clips were out of order. All 115 of them!

I wanted to do a small movie (videoblog-style) yesterday about our first day back in NY, but I was just too damn tired and the footage scrambling around was just too aggravating to even try and touch it so lets see if I get something done now…

Oh the books at Barnes&Noble… Already bought a couple of O’Reilly’s I was looking at, but bought them at US prices Yay!
Also bought a wide-angle converter for the camcorder and while I was looking into buying some glass for my EOS 10D I just discovered this morning that B&H is closed starting today and until the 26th. Major bummer!!

Well, back to the movie now.