Last month re-cap

Posted on October 14, 2005

I’ve been very quiet for almost a month. For various reasons I’ve had neither the mood nor the time to blog.

Well, during this time lots of things have happened and so I thought I’d write up a small recap here.

But before that I’m off to New York for a week’s vacation tomorrow so I probably won’t be blogging a lot there also.

Anyway, here are the most relevant (for a given criteria at least) stuff that happened these last weeks:

  • Got the PVR up-and-running almost completely. I now use it to record and watch TV shows and to watch videos I ripped from my DVDs or got from other sources. The only thing that is missing is configuring the DVD player which needs some tweaking. Is is actually very cool to be able to download NerdTV’s episodes or any of the Revision 3 stuff (especially TWiT episodes) and watch it on the TV. Oh and of course BitTorrent rocks for getting this stuff in;
  • Got to not learn more about Final Cut Pro, although I’m itching to dive into it, especially now that I have a book on it. There just wasn’t enough time;
  • Attended a small (4-hour) workshop on Photoshop CS (2) as the hub of the digital workflow. Most of it was pretty basic stuff, but it was interesting to see my workflow validated nonetheless. Could do with something more advanced, though, the meaty stuff such as color management and so on was kind of breezed through. Still, I guess the workshop was geared toward a more uninitiated crowd so it did it’s job there…
  • Learned a lot about darcs and conflict resolution. Luckily it is pretty good on that respect, so no horror stories there;
  • Got to see the full Firefly show (a whooping whole first season!) and the film serenity. It rocks!
  • Got to see the Hitchhicker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie, which was pretty much better than I expected (which is not all that difficult, considering my low expectations);
  • Missed the first Lisbon Perl Mongers’ social meetings;
  • Consumed a lot of podcasts and not that many video-blogs. While I like video-blogs I don’t usually have the time to devote the kind of attention they deserve. On the podcasting front, I’m gearing more towards music podcasts lately. Of course I still consume almost all of the IT Conversations shows, but I’m starting to get more and more really good music podcasts. I have to start cutting back on some of them soon though, there just aren’t enough hours in the day!

Some other stuff happened, some of it good, some of it bad and sad but this is the more techie stuff. I hope this entry will kick-start me into getting some things up here. I haven’t even created any new videos or photos, although I have been collecting photos and footage for it.

And now back to packing. I’m feeling awfully tired so if I don’t do it soon I’m sure something will get left behind… :-)