New comment system

Posted on August 24, 2006

Ever since I turned off comments on this weblog people have actually been complaining to me about it.
Incredible, I get no comments (appart from spam, of course) for such a long time and then, just as I turn the system off, that’s when people want to give feedback…

Of well, such is human nature and such are the applications of Murphy’s Law to our lives and so on.

So both as a stop-gap until the new system is in place and also a a test to the system, all the feedback on this weblog (both comments and trackbacks) are now supported by Haloscan.

That’s right, I’m finaly caving in and outsourcing all the drudgery of dealing with lowest life-form on the Internet –spammers.

Let’s see how that goes, but I feel I must warn you that I did the conversion of the whole system in less than an hour and so I fully expect things to be broken here and there and I ask you to kindly point them out to me as you find them, please.

The templates are getting incredibly kludgy and unmanageable, of course, and so it really is time for a big overhaul to the weblog and maybe even the whole site?

I’ve been flirting with a radically different publishing system for the whole shebang but I just don’t know if I’m prepared for the radical change it would entail in my web-publishing habits.
But then again a radical change would probably be “a good thing” so I don’t know…