YAPC::Europe - Day 3 - Morning

Posted on July 25, 2003

And we’re off!

Man, I’m definnitelly going to miss this copious ammounts of chévre cheese in the morning every day but anyway, on to the good (i.e. geeky) stuff…

Another beautifull day in Paris (not like yesterday) and we are already stuck in the basement for the talks! :-)

Today I’ll mostly be in O’‘Reilly room for the parrot talks.

So for starters we have a last minute change in the programme (OK, last second, even the organizers still don’t know about it so…) and we start with

  • Dan Sugalski’s “Parrot in a nutshell” on what parrot is and why we want it;

followed by

  • Toetsch’s “Of Ops and Mops - or how the code gets executed” on how code gets executed in parrot as opposed to the current way with demonstrations and speed comparisons between perl5, python and perl over parrot which could knock your socks off;


  • Léon Brocard’s “Little Languages in Parrot” describes what (little) languages are already supported in parrot and why it is kool to write your own little language on it.

Cofee Break!

  • Pauley’s “Perl6 ideas stolen from Japanese” explains why ruby is a great language and why perl6 will be better still. Essentially it talks about what features perl6 will have that were stollen from ruby and most importantly, from japanese (can you spell conspiracy theory?)

Mental note from previous talk: Japanese seems to be pretty cool but you have to be really realy patient to learn it…

and back to

  • Dan Sugalski’s “The State of Parrot” which is self describing, I should expect…