Mobile phone-mania

Posted on November 2, 2003

Yesterday I went to a Ben Harper concert and to my amazement I found most people there were quite young, maybe bellow 20 years old.

Now what sparked my interest enough to make this post was how much these kids are addicted to their mobile phones.

I’m not even talking about using them to call other people outside the concert or even inside so that they could find them, this is obvious, but the rate at which everyone was constantly sending and receiving SMS messages and MMS photos before the concert (and even during) was quite astonishing.

And what’s more, during the concert so many people where taking pictures with their mobiles and sending them to their friends that it was ridiculous!

There were also the regulars who waited until someone’s favorite song is played and then called them, putting their phones high in the air, letting their friends listen to the music.

And then there was even someone who made a call to a friend, threw the phone to the stage and Ben actually picked it up and had a small conversation with whoever was at the other end. I don’t know if this was rehearsed or not (it didn’t seem so, but you never know).

Anyway the point is that people (especially young people) in Portugal (and I’m sure all over Europe at least) are getting so addicted to their mobile phones it is ridiculous!

Even I tried posting here just before the concert started but could not get a decent GPRS connection…