Discoveries over the weekend

Posted on February 2, 2004

Apart from having finished yet another chapter of my current book on Cocoa programming, this weekend was good for two more reasons (and I’m not counting the fact that SCO was thrown off the map ;)):

  1. I’ve found out about TikiWiki.
    True it’s not perl and I’m considerable more proficient at it than at php, but php is a good language for web development and the sheer number of supporters of Tiki is overwhelming. Also it really has everything I ever needed to maintain a full website.
    I’ve always liked the wiki concept as a cms but there where always two factors that kept me from using it on my site: wiki words are just ugly to use on a general site and everyone is able to edit and delete anything. Tiki provides answers to both these issues and then some…
    Go check it out, but make time for it because it is really huge! Well worth it though.
  2. Camelbones is back! Yay!!
    OK, I’ve had problems installing the new version because I had the previous one installed and I’ve upgraded my OS from Panther to Jaguar and perl changed with this upgrade and the installer was not smart enough to see this but it was smart enough to see that this was an upgrade and not a fresh install…
    Bugger. Still, I think I’ll just take the lazy way out and simply compile everything from source and that’s it, I have not patience to go after all the distro files and deleting them by hand.

All in all a very nice weekend!