Amazon vs Kazaa vs Netflix

Posted on January 27, 2004

You know technology is definitely getting interesting when an article on a respectable publication like The Register (take that with your chosen amount of salt) makes a comparison between movie delivery time and the contestants are: Netflix -a DVD rental company with a very unique rental method-; Amazon -well, we all know this one, right?- and Kazaa.

Yes, Kazaa! Can you believe it? No? Well, here is a sample, but you can just as well read the article:

“No, it is a simple fact that at the moment Netflix takes between one-to-three days to get any given film to a home in the US, and this is largely due to the fact that the US is such a large geography. If a similar service was launched in parts of Europe, even the local postal service could deliver packets next day.

If we compare this with both Amazon and Kazaa, it compares well.”

If you are curious but have no patience or time to read the whole article it discusses the Netflix’s model of DVD rental and how it gives VoD (Video on Demand) over broadband connections a run for it’s money.