Diary 2008-07-28

Posted on July 28, 2008

The Kings Of Convenience concert was very good indeed. I didn’t know their songs (heard them once on my friend’s iPod and that’s it) but I am now a convert of (at the very least) their live performances.
As I already suspected, this is a friend whose musical tastes I definitely have to keep an eager eye on, she knows her stuff! ;-)

Then the Lisbon Calling show was also very, very fun. Marillion was nothing special (they’ve lost me after Fish left anyway), but they play a good, tight show. The Stranglers are still as powerful now as they ever were and they rocked the house.
And then came the B52s. Now I am known for dancing whenever I like the music, sometimes even enthusiastically, but these guys got me dancing and jumping around like a maniac. Definitely the concert of the evening!
Meat Loaf, on the other hand was… Meh… The guy can’t sing anymore (but then again, could he ever really sing? And the show was more eye-candy than good rock, even if there were a couple-three good songs (mostly due to the band who are –for the most part– really good musicians).

Then yesterday, I had the best day of beach I had in two whole years! And in Guincho of all places!
We got there in the afternoon and there was not a breeze. None. In Guincho!
And to top it off, I spent an inordinate amount of time jumping around and body-surfing on the waves. With no wet-suit. In Guincho!!
When we left, at around 19h30, there were some ugly clouds coming in, but until then, what an amazing day at the beach.