Diary 2008-07-20

Posted on July 20, 2008

Last week things weren’t going so great (and I wasn’t doing anything much with my time anyway) so I decided to cut my vacations short and went back to work on Wednesday. It actually felt good to come back after a week (and change) away, I felt a whole lot more relaxed about work and things felt into place much easier, their relative importance much clearer in my mind.
It turns out I really needed that vacation, even if I did fill it with music and other tiresome activities. Tired body, much more relaxed mind.

Last night I finally went to the Meninos Do Rio bar, near Cais do Sodré. Didn’t stay long because I desperately needed to eat something before going to the club and they didn’t serve food at that late hour (huge mistake, I think, but they should know better than me, I guess), but even in the short time I was there I really liked the atmosphere. Also it is open in the afternoon, so it may be a good spot to stop by on the way home and lounge a bit, maybe even eat a burger when I can’t be bothered to cook. (Which is something I hardly do at all these days –at home, at least– given that I eat out almost every single week-day. It’s getting to the point where I’m beginning to miss cooking a little.)

Sadly I must report that after having been to Nr. II and trying out the ponchas, it didn’t do much for me. (Neither the ponchas nor the bar, but it was just a time-killer on the way to the club I was going to, so the bar part was not so bad)
I tried three different ponchas and didn’t particularly like any of them. After having been told so many times how great they were I was rather anticipating it, but in the end it just didn’t taste all that good to me. Sorry Under and Lua, I know you’ll be disappointed. ;-)
But then it turns out I’ll be heading out to Madeira for some vacation time in September, so maybe if I try them out right there in their natural habitat things will turn out differently.

The music school closed down for the summer, so yesterday was the last class of the year. Let’s see if I can keep the study-plan going strong until September, for the beginning of classes. If I do there’s a good chance that I’ll jump ahead by a level or two which would rock. So now it’s all up to my will power.
Oh dear…

This week I’ll attend both the Kings of Convenience concert on Thursday and the Lisbon Calling mega 80s concert on saturday.
I also plan to stop by Ondajazz on tuesday for the Big Band Reunion concert. I’m assuming they’ll close up shop (the band, not Ondajazz) during August, as they did last year, so I want to be sure to check out their show one last time before that.
Should be an interesting week ahead…

And now, after a thoroughly miserable day, the sun seems to be breaking out a bit, so I’ll leave the laptop and head out to the beach to see if I can at least get a decent sunset (which is still a couple of hours away, anyway).