Diary 2008-05-22

Posted on May 22, 2008

Well, with the amount of rain that we had today my hopes of spending the holiday basking in the sun were shot to high-hell, so I had to improvise…

Got a few KMs in this morning, running in Estoril. Nice weather for that, at least, as people tended to stay at home or at the mall and weren’t inclined to go near the beaches. Also not too hot. I feel like I’m getting back in shape, which is nice.

Then I came home and finally put a new episode of the Undercover Songs podcast on-line. I had recorded it a couple of days ago, actually, but hadn’t taken the time to grab all the links and note the starting times of each song…

Yesterday I just lost patience with my storage woes at home and ordered myself a drobo. Hope that takes care of my current and middle-term storage needs.

And now, since it’s still pouring out there, back to my “Anthology at the End of the Universe” and a cup of tea.