Diary 2008-05-21

Posted on May 21, 2008

Youth without youth (the newest film by Coppola) is weird –almost (but not quite) as in David Lynch weird– but very interesting. Can’t explain exactly why, but I liked it a lot.
Yes, weird.

My external hard drive – the one where I keep my backups and my mp3 collection at home– seems to have gone meet the great HD in the sky.
I do have backups of the stuff I keep there (for the most part, at least), but it will be a pain to recover everything.
I’ve been meaning to get a full RAID solution for this stuff, but never quite liked what I found out there in the stores. Also, I want a stand-alone, one-box kind of thing. Which cannot be too noisy. (Oh and the RAID is meant to be for redundancy, not for extra capacity, this is a backup solution at heart, not a mega-disposable-disk, so RAID-0 solutions are not an option).
So now I’ll have to look at what’s available on the shelves and then carry on the recovery of my old stuff. Sucks!

The pre-wazup Google App Engine app is coming along nicely. I already have user management, along with user preferences storage and I hammered the python-twitter API in order to be able to call it from within the App Engine sandbox. This would be much faster for me, would I be able to do it in Perl, but still Python is proving to be… interesting.

Got a new Undercover Songs episode ready to post but haven’t gotten around to fetching all the links to all the bands and stuff. It will be posted soon, though. At least I hope so, the mp3 disk crash isn’t making this very easy… :-/

The summer concerts’ line-ups are beginning to stabilize. Apparently Paredes de Coura will be the place to be this year.
And you’re so far away from me…” :-)