Diary 2008-05-09

Posted on May 9, 2008
  • Twittering from the mobile phone is something that I do a lot. I can honestly say that for me the killer feature of Twitter is the SMS interface. When I am on-line I already have a number of virtual worlds (text-based) that I’m usually connected to and I also still hang around a couple-three IRC channels, not to mention having accounts in almost every single IM(-like) system I can remember, so on-line my instant communication needs are pretty much met, thankyouverymuch! But Twitter (or Jaiku, which is better than Twitter in principle, but is still just not all there yet) bridges the gap from on-line and IRL in a very nice way (especially if you remember that off is your friend!);

  • Of course not everything is perfect with twittering on-the-go. The predictive technology mobile phones use is a God-sent to be sure, but sometimes you get some truly amusing mistakes. Just this week I sent out something along the lines of “it takes all lines”, when I meant “it takes all kinds”. It obviously gave rise to a crack about peace, love and fat joints. Oh the humanity! ;-)

  • Another aspect of Twitter-by-SMS is that it only works if you keep a judiciously chosen list of people from whom you wish to receive updates on your “devices”. This list, I find, is in constant flux, with a given person entering, leaving and re-entering it as I feel more inclined to chat about this or that type of topics. In fact I find I have a few small groups of contacts which are usually “on” together. I wish there was an easy way to materialize these groups and change the mobile “subscription” based on those. Hum… now that I think about it, there may be an opportunity for a nice web-app here…

  • And while I’m on the mobile phone subject, I think it is Melo who says that he constantly has his best ideas on the shower. Well, it regularly happens to me too so I’ve taken to dictating said ideas to my mobile phone (much as I do when I’m driving or otherwise occupied) and hopping I’ll later remember to write them down and maybe even act on them. It turns out I usually remember them pretty good after having dictated them, but the interesting fact is that I now find myself having almost 50 voice notes hanging around, waiting to be listened to, processed and deleted. Ouch!

  • On a totally unrelated note, if you’re into music, do be sure to check out the latest episode of the Contrast Podcast to which I contributed with a rather nice (IMHO) song!