Posted on May 8, 2008

In the office I work at there’s a procedure (as in most places, I assume) that whenever the cleaning crew finishes with a WC they sign off on a control sheet plastered somewhere inside.

As is also usual, people started complaining that the cleaning crews weren’t coming over often enough and they started reporting that the supposed three visits per day weren’t happening at all.

So the cleaning crew stepped up to the plate and gave people what they wanted. We now have 2 or 3 visits per day per WC. On the gent’s WC in my floor, for example we can now read on the control sheet that they come over at around 06h30 (that’s AM) and then at around 09h30 (again AM). Sometimes we get an extra visit at around 08h00 (also AM).

Isn’t it nice to have one’s wish granted?