Diary 2007-11-19

Posted on November 19, 2007

Lots of stuff to yap about, little time to do so, so this is a link-less post.

  • Backups of my music collection are underway. Brackup has been happily encrypting it and sending it over to Amazon’s S3 service for a day and a half now. I estimate another two full days for it to finish. Thank goodness for incremental backups!

  • Went bowling (for the second time or so). Lots of fun. The fact that it happened during a company outing and the drinks were essentially on the house surely helped… :-)

  • Played golf for the very first time ever (OK not “played” exactly, just shot a few balls on the driving range). Contrary to what I expected, it actually seems like a fun activity (notice I don’t say “sport”). My brother was right about it, of course. Only thing wrong with it is that the amount of money you have to spend to play it in Portugal is utterly obscene, so this is not an option for me at all;

  • On the very same day we “went golfing” I introduced my brother to squash and that is a sport. Even with him being way younger than me and all I still killed him on the court. Killed him physically, not in the game itself where he beat me 2-1. And I did have to kill myself to do i too. Ah, the joys of being young and having a job that keeps you fit… ;-) Did I mention he was an ace tennis player a few years ago? Yeah, I just thought I should mention that;

  • Dead Man (the one with Johnny Depp) is a great movie. Hadn’t watched it in years and I’m really glad I bought it on DVD;

  • “Trois Couleurs - Blanc” is also a good movie. Not as good as “Trois Couleurs - Bleu”, but then I already expected that;

  • Had a little memory lane trip and indulged my trigger finger for a while with OpenArena (the open-source version of QuakeWorld). I don’t care how many new FPS come out each year, QuakeWorld still rules for being ultra fun as a multi player shoot’em up;

  • The Big Band Reunion are playing again, every Thursday, at Onda Jazz. Yay!

  • Friends who go against their own advice and don’t even warn you about it suck;

  • Doing chestnut puree is very easy (if you use frozen chestnuts and don’t mind ending up with the stuff all over the working area, but then that may just mean that I’m really not that handy with the mixer) and it tastes really, really good. I think it was the sugar and honey that did the trick;

  • Must brace myself for the eventual demise of my good old 60GB iPod photo. It is getting kind of hard to fit my music collection in it anyway, and I already had to take a selection out (which is something I hate to do), but I’m quite attached to it. Still, signs of it’s impending breakage are there for me to see and hear, which means that I must now look at the most recent models with their huge disks. Maybe I’ll go nuts and treat myself to a new laptoy while I’m at it, $DIVINITY knows my 900MHz G3 iBook has taken more than it’s fair share of abuse…

  • Going to London for the upcoming London Perl Workshop would be a very nice excuse to finally get a decent (and especially small) point-and-shoot camera and a set of noise-canceling headphones (Bose maybe?). Hum…
    Also, must remember to bring back loads and loads of tea, ‘cause who knows when I’ll be back. Just the usual trinity: Darjeeling, Assam and Earl Grey, probably from Whittard.