Diary 2007-07-31

Posted on July 31, 2007

Life has been happening all around, as it tends to do…

I’m still trying to get used to life in “single-mode” but this is not exactly the best time to do it, as we are right in the middle of the silly season.
Anyway, today was a notable day in the sense that I’ve finally taken care of all the paperwork related to the new home, last year’s tax-return (sigh…) and some other stuff that was nagging at the back of my mind for quite some time now and so I’m left with this weird feeling of having finally closed up a chapter of some sort. And I’m not sure if it a good feeling or a bad one. But anyway, on to a new life! :-)

In the mean time I’ve taken up squash and I must admit I like it a lot! It is similar enough to tennis that I can use much of the muscle memory I developed when I was young and played it a lot, but it is different in many crucial (and fun!) aspects.
It is way faster for starters and then you get a huge satisfaction of beating the bejeesus out of the ball (which is something that if you did in tennis, was guaranteed to provide you with a nice afternoon hunting down all the balls you threw out all over the neighboring regions of the court).

The concert scene is essentially over for now and the festivals have mostly migrated to other parts of the country so that’s basically it for music until September (although I do intend to try out some of the few Jazz clubs that will remain open).
In fact just today I plan on attending the final performance of the Big Band Reunion at Onda Jazz, right before they close up shop for their summer vacation. And one of the guys that are going with me has already taken care of the plans for the food (and related) matters of the evening, so everything is setup for a great time tonight!

It feels really weird not having been on vacation so far and not having plans to do so in the near future. It seems that everyone is either away now or going to be away soon and you’re missing something that they all know and you don’t…
Also work has been rather more hectic than usual for this time of the year (which is always especially busy in the best of times) and I’m starting to feel really tired with everything that’s been happening in my life and at the company, but I really can’t complain right now because it is actually very good that I’m so busy during the daytime.
And then, next year I’ll have tones of vacation days to spend. Hah! :-)