Diary 2007-06-16

Posted on June 16, 2007

Five days after moving in to the new apartment. Still eating out every day (or ordering in pizza and eating it by hand), still not able to use the kitchen (damn contractors, but the appliances are supposed to get here today and should be installed by monday so I’ll be able to store perishable foods and cook by then –joy!), still no blinds on the windows…
But at least I’ve had music since day 2 and I’ve now found the time to at least turn the laptop on and check out a few things I needed to. Obviously I couldn’t resist sending out an “I’m alive” message.

In a week or so I’m hopping to get something resembling a life going on again.

I’d post pictures of the state of the apartment, but right now that’s just much too time-consuming and I’m not all that much into horror stuff anyway.

Oh and I decided to go with TMN’s wireless broadband offering (UMTS-based) due to coverage issues in my area. So far so good, let’s see how it goes on when I get the first bill to pay.