Diary 2007-06-06

Posted on June 6, 2007

I’m right in the middle of the renovation works in my new apartment. Will move in next Monday and obviously things are running a bit behind. Chaos.

Even so I did contribute to the latest episode of the Contrast Podcast under the theme Seas, oceans and all things marine and I thoroughly encourage you to listen. Mind you this is a recommendation based on the principle of the thing, seen as the episodes usually rock, because I haven’t listened to it yet.

When I move I’ll take some time off work to get my stuff together and so I’ll be cut off from the world (as in without connectivity at home and not coming in to the office) so I’m considering purchasing some kind of USB-based wireless broadband thingie. Right now I’m considering both the TMN and the Optimus (Kanguru) offers, but I’m not sure how well the Kanguru works with a MAC so the TMN one is looking pretty sweet at this time.
I could, of course, just give up the Internet for the next two weeks, but I’m not seeing that happening… At all.