Posted on July 14, 2007

What a ride…

What with the whole moving and setting up a new home and life I hadn’t yet setup all the A/V paraphernalia and I was (and still am actually) running late with regards to my TV shows. Now given that I don’t watch broadcast TV, that means my shiny new LCD TV isn’t getting all that much use, but I digress.

I’ve just finished watching (after a really late lunch) episode 10 of the Doctor Who show –the Blink episode– and my, my, what a show!

It is the middle of the day, I’m watching the show as I’m eating, it is bright and sunny and so the room is perfectly lit and yet I got scared watching this episode. I really, really did!

What a fantastic show! This single episode (which is a stand-alone) with very little action from either The Doctor or Martha Jones got me riveted to my seat, actually straining my eyes, trying to avoid blinking at all. My eyes hurt after the episode (and that’s how I found out I was keeping them open)!

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant! This episode alone would make this season worthwhile (and it has been a fairly good season so far, I must say).

Good ol’ BBC. I sure will be a little sad when Russell Davies leaves the show as announced, but I have high hopes that they will find someone suitable to replace him.