Sharing media on the Mac

Posted on December 20, 2004

With the new dream machine at home (yes, I know I’m wearing it thin, but we all know this will pass soon as the new iMac now with turbo-overdrive comes along, so I must seize the opportunity while it lasts) ;-) I have finally setup a nice multi-user desktop environment for me and my wife.

And, of course, no such setup would complete without sharing the massive music and pictures collection.

But this poses a bit of a challenge as the default Mac apps (iTunes and iPhoto) don’t do this very well. They both assume that every user has his/her own library and sharing is only done while they are on-line and running the corresponding application.


Well, after doing a bit of research and thinking about it for a bit I decided to take care of it.

The results are OK (while not brilliant) and I decided to do a couple of how-tos on the process.

The how-tos are not terribly original and due credit is given therein.

So now there are yet two more tutorials around on “how to share an iTunes library between users on the same machine” and “how to share an iPhoto library between users on the same machine”. Referenced here for posterity.